New Year, New Season, New Team, New…

New computer, New bookmarks, New… everything.

A year ago come March, I was on my way flying down to Fort Myers to watch Spring Training. Dad calls me a lightweight fan, which sometimes is a true accusation as I have not yet figured out how to continue my devoted fanship from abroad at the same scale. But, for the record, he never took the trouble to fly to Spring Training while I had.

I loved it down there. I hope you fans all find one opportunity in your lifetime to watch your team’s Spring Training. It is a far less official and formal environment. Get your autographs, chat with your team- although not necessarily your favourite player- watch them play from up close a smaller and more intimate stadium.

This year, I see many new faces on the team that I don’t recognize. And a notable temporary absence from Dice-K for his attempt to repeat his success in clinching the World Baseball win. A hopefully fitter Beckett. And a lot more emphasis on minor league recruits.

I have placed my bets in Vegas for World Series players. I’ve generally adopted the approach of picking the underdogs, with a few tweaks. We’ll see how bad of a gamble this is. Royals, anyone? 



  1. juliasrants

    I guess welcome back is in order. Yes, there are a number of new faces on the team – but still the same heart and soul as I see it. I’m looking forward to a great season. So – where is it that you are following the Red Sox from? Stop by and visit.


  2. RedSoxAngst

    Thanks guys. It’s good to be back. I hear that seats are not all sold out.. given that I’m going back to the States for a break, I just may fly up for a game (and to see the family, of course).

    Julia- from Thailand.

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