All I have to say is:

Oh, crikey.


A century and counting

It was frustrating watching the Cubs-Dodgers match-up this morning. To the point I happily dozed off after the 5th.

have a hard time correlating the Cubs I watched this morning with the
Cubs that had the best record towards the end of the season.

been spoilt, with the Red Sox. Even when they are down, the team still
gives it its best. I didn’t see that with the Cubs. The swinging, so
half-hearted. Someone remind me, is this the post-season?

too bad. I had high hopes. Enough to place a bet that the Cubs will
make it to the World Series. Now, I’ll just have to frame that ticket,
and caption it with “just short, for the 100th consecutive year.”

It’s still a Big Boys’ game

The younguns make it fun to watch, but the big guys remind us every now and then that they are as much a part of the team too. This game around it was Jason Bay and JD Drew taking the limelight.

Angels 5, Red Sox 7

We are one game closer to clinching the series. It’s not done yet, but the odds certainly seem to be on the Sox’s favour, don’t they?

Remember last year? Remember what a downright hostile environment the fans made it for JD Drew? Remember how he got booed more than any opposing team player in his own home field? His grandslam endeared him to the Red Sox Nation, but pity it took that.

His clinching homerun wasn’t quite as grand an event, but just as critical to the win. What I thought was a highlight was his catch of a homerun that almost was.

Lucky for Bay, he hit off well right away, no pun intended. This may be his first postseason, amongst a team of many returns even within the rookie ranks, but he doesn’t act it. At the rate he’s going, he’s got a good chance to get my vote as a series MVP.

Highlights- I had class this morning so caught only the first six innings:
– This was an offensive game. Up and down performance from two stellar pitchers.
– Watching Ortiz really husle an extra base to score. How often does that happen?
– Jason Bay’s homerun. No doubt about that one.
– Hunter’s semi-tantrum for a close call, resulting with hurting himself.
– JD Drew’s catch of a long flyball just at the fence’s edge.
– Dice-K’s messy 5th. He got lucky.

Manny Who?

That expression is probably going to stick around for a while!

Game 1: Angels 1, Red Sox 4.

I suppose more than anything, this is a confidence builder. A confidence builder for a team whose reaction upon hearing about Beckett’s delayed start was “oh, sh**”. An assurance that while having Beckett would be nice, they have it in themselves to believe in their own skill as well as in their team as a whole.

Or maybe they didn’t want to be the one to muck it up for the pitcher, no matter who it was. And probably least of all for their most solid lefthander, however young he is.

Regardless, this was a win that this fan is grateful for, to kick start the postseason. And a pleasing reminder that our homegrown kids have it in them to pull it off, with or without the star players. Finally, that they are the ones who make watching ball fun.

Oh, by the way, Bay, thank you. 

hell of a life, kid

Congratulations, Lester, for the nod and for the fantastic season.


From last year, taking the Red Sox to its final win for the World Series, to a no-hitter, and one of the most solid performances of any Red Sox starter this year, to being the one to kick off the post season, game one.

Hell of a life, kid. Live it, love it, enjoy it.

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Rerun- LA/SF

So Manny did cut his tresses off. Torre has seemed to establish a pattern of demonstrating his authority over the two epitomes of the 2004 Red Sox “Bunch of Idiots.” Between Manny and Damon, who else? Yes, I heard it on the news, but it didn’t keep me from making a double-take.

ESPN here likes to play the same game twice. In the morning live, and in the evening a full-rerun for those of us who don’t wake up early enough.

So, rewatching it now, and catching the first six innings that I missed.

27 September: SF vs LAD

Innings watched: From the top of the 7th to the end.

– In some way, the Dodgers have been a collector of previous Red Sox hot shots. And now those guys get another post-season shot.
– Joe Torre in a LAD unifrom.
– LAD closer Saito… there really is a trend of hiring Japanese players.

– The hit that broken the Dodgers out of the 1-1 tie.
– The “show of emotion” as the broadcasters called it, at the end of the 8th.

Dodgers also announced the pitching rotation for the first three and Lowe has the privilege of starting the series. I wonder if the postseason clinch is a trend of the Torre touch?