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Lugo… $%*&#$

Two errors in two games. Red Sox, four errors in two games and still counting. Team: The fact that we’re celebrating Youkilis’s error-less streak doesn’t mean you can compensate for lack thereof. And is this how you welcome your ace back??

You folks are too well-paid for this many mistakes. Why else would it be officially tagged as “Error”? Think about it.

Keep sluggin’ in those homeruns. You’re going to need ’em.



Three ef-fing errors by one player in one game. Apparently, we fans are not the only ones looking forward to Lowrie. Tell me why I shouldn’t shut off the radio.

To Toronto’s credit, they are coming strong this year. I believe we’ve overlooked them too long. They just may be the other AL East team to reckon with.

What does it say about what’s preoccupying my mind when each time the broadcaster says “Rod Barajas” I keep hearing “Barack Obama”?


Aw, shucks!!

Aw, dammit. I completely missed Game 1. Dammit, dammit, dammit.***** life’s priorities and having to work.

Final thoughts before bedtime

I’m ecstatic over the Red Sox win. Heck, I’m crazy about every single Red Sox win. I’m programmed to think and react that way since I was a kid.


But it’s been a bumpy ride. Who can deny it? Every reporter has pointed out at some point or another within this month that the Red Sox had as much as a 14.5 game lead over trailing Yankees at its best moment. And we’re now awaiting the very last two games of the regular season to resolve the division title.


The unpredictability of this sport is part of the fun. And part of the nerve-wrecking roller coaster ride. April to September now feels like an awfully long period of time, when there are almost a game daily. Back in spring, we were all optimistic but had been a little more grounded, telling ourselves “it’s still early.”


In summer, I braced myself for the annual Red Sox August slump. That didn’t come, for a long time, at least. Hearing that the Sox was winning and winning on high notes felt so novel, and so sure as a fact that they were the best team in both leagues.


Now, we are still waiting to see if the Red Sox can claim the division title, with only two games left. If you asked me in July how I thought the Red Sox would do in the play offs, I would say hands down, they’re going all the way. Tonight, I’m not so sure. I find that the team has phenomenal players and that the team works well together. The front office has demonstrated incredible skill in picking out new talent that not only show promise but also deliver now.


It’s not a question of whether the Red Sox is qualified or is the stronger team. The fact is that there are many strong teams and they’ve demonstrated their ability to win just as much as the Red Sox has. Red Sox is in for a tough battle. All the opponents are going to be playing hard ball, and the Sox need to deliver nothing but the best to make it through the play offs.

Dudes, this is going to be a long few weeks

I am so sleep-deprived it really isn’t all that funny anymore. The excitement of the games really haven’t been helping me sleep well.. or sleep enough, for that matter. My daily cup of strong coffee isn’t cutting it. Last night, I was so out of it I forgot to set my own alarm. I guess a sign of getting old is when your body automatically wakes up at an early hour even though you have never been a morning person.

A loss. This doesn’t bode well for my sleep either. But, before we drag our feet with bowed heads to bed, I have some nicer things to say.

Varitek: Welcome back to the world of connecting with the ball. I was truly glad to hear your homerun crack. There’s no question about your value in the team… you’re not captain for nothing. But you are capable of hitting and hitting well and it was tough for all of us to watch you work through a slugging slump. Three homeruns in less than a week, welcome back.

JD Drew: In a way, I feel sorry for the grief you go through. You, too, have been hitting the ball lately. Your current month batting average is listed as .323, which was probably more along what the team needs and what the front office anticipated when they brought you on. In a way, batting averages are like stocks; past performance is not necessary an indicator of what is to come. But at the same time, the numbers to represent what is possible and what the trends can be. So, congrats on the improved on-bases and I wish you luck. Really. I hope you contribute in a big way and force fans to swallow their words. The team has nothing to gain from the proving otherwise.

Now, bedtime.

ARGH (*&$#(&$@#(

Dear Local Electric Company,

Um, yea, thanks a lot!! Thank you so much for being the “dependable energy provider.” You just had to put my area through a “widespread power outage” just as the Red Sox was celebrating its entry to the play offs. And it was so widespread that my neighbours down the street had their power. Just me. Just my block. For EIGHT HOURS. What was your excuse? We didn’t have any storms or rain. We didn’t have wind. It wasn’t even a hot day!

Just when I was listening to the radio to hear what would have been the announcement for the fourth time the Red Sox made it to the play offs in the last five years. Thank goodness you at least had the courtesy wait until I heard the last pitch. Do you know how irritating it is to cut off an announcement in mid-sentence, even if it’s the Devil Rays’ home station?? “And the Red Sox cele-“<cut, flicker lights and darkness>

I was already half-way through typing my celebratory blog entry. You couldn’t even give me an extra five minutes for me to have the satisfaction of blogging about the clutch win.

What did I do to offend you? I pay my bills on time. I don’t grouse about the cost of electricity. I didn’t sign that petition against your building the towers through the state. Why couldn’t you have done it last Sunday instead so I could have missed the loss and had a perfectly valid excuse for being late for work??


With not so much regard,
Your reluctant and unappreciative customer

August came a month late

24 hours later.. I have a massive headache but it’s not baseball related. If anything, I think I may even be calmer, once reading what Schilling had to say, and since there is no game taking place tonight. As I’m waiting for my work computer to finish backing up its files so I can go to bed, I’ll update this a litte more.

I ought to know being a Red Sox fan doesn’t come without excitement and that excitement swings both ways. That ginormous magnet I mentioned a couple weeks ago still sits in in my bedroom, awaiting a home assignment. And I still intend to stick it up, win or not.

It’s tough watching a team slide downhill and lose a 14 game lead over the course of two months. In the middle of the summer, they- and we- were flying high and the Yankees unbelieveably bad. It even reached a point where an otherwise uninvolved city paper printed an editorial about Yankee fans! But rivalry aside, Boston was the best and everyone said it. That was a new experience to see the Sox automatically seen as the strongest team.

I braced myself for the downhill slide when the All-Stars came and left and the month of August rolled around. Every year in recent history, August has been a horrible month for the Sox. Injuries happen, leads turn to trails, losses come quicker than the wins. Think about it… the last time the Red Sox got the division title was 1995, meaning we’ve relied on the wildcard to get into the playoffs. That downhill didn’t happen, at least not to the degree I’m used to seeing. Injuries still happened and batting averages dipped. Yet, we finished quite strong in the end of August, with a phenomenal group of rookies running the show.

We started the month with a decent 5+ game lead. We started talking about winning the division title in addition to getting into the play offs. Then we got more injuries, more losses, more missed batting opportunities, and more runs given up. And it just dawned on me. We’re still having our annual bad August. It just happened late. Actually it did start in August, subtly, and came in full force lately. So we had a longer and later August slide. Blame it on global warming or something.

The Red Sox has snapped out of it before… they can do it again. Reading the blogs and web for opinions and thoughts have cheered me considerably. They don’t say Fenway Faithful without a reason.