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It was all about the numbers. As a Boston fan, I was fixated on a single one: 20.  But apparently the voters looked bigger. Logically, I can say I saw it coming.. With the following numbers, it favored Sabathia. Heck, I even admitted that I was looking forward to the ALCS game 1 because I wanted to watch the pitching duel. Well, that didn’t materialize but the postseason does not affect the award since votes have already been cast.

The big picture:

              Beckett    Sabathia

Wins               20            19
SOs               194           209
ERA              3.27          3.21
ER                  73             86
H                  189           238
IP               200.2        241.0
R                    76             94
BB                   40            37
HR                  17             20

Emotionally, I am bummed about Beckett not getting the nods. He was phenomenal, and his postseason simply nailed that coffin down. I know in baseball that one game alone is not necessarily reflective of the player and the team, but in two face-offs, Beckett dominated so strongly. So, yes, I’m disappointed.


Well, as we always say, there’s always next year. Beckett has a long career ahead of him.


It’s Awards Week!!

Congratulations, Pedroia, for a very well-deserved Rookie of the Year award! There never was a question that you were the winner, but it was awfully nice to see you prove it beyond doubt in your performance last month.

How can one not chuckle when looking at this picture. Look! At the difference in height between the two!

On the same token, the team teases him with “low five”!


I didn’t forget the already awarded awards:

Youkilis for Golden Glove
– Papi for Silver Slugger
– Seriously, is there a Bronze award coming up?? 


Other stuff:

– Sad news. No agreement reached between Lowell and the Sox. We just may be saying goodbye when the other teams start contacting him.
– Next: Cy Young!!

Monday’s a complete wash

I have spent zero, I repeat, zero attention at work today. I might as well have slept in, called in sick, and danced around at home in my pajamas. At least I would have accomplished something. Instead, nothing. Nada. A complete waste of a workday.


So, when will they announce Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young awards? Because I’m itching to find out and I really hope they are given to our major Red Sox candidates. If not, something is seriously wrong with the system.

The celebration parade has been announced. This out-of-towner is wistful, yet again. But I’m totally collecting my tacos.