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Oh it hurts.

Ortiz sleeping on his shoulder wrong? It happens. Because I’m suffering from the same thing now. With a strained neck, I can’t tilt up or down and turn left or right without pain shooting across my shoulders and neck. And move only in slooooow motions. I don’t know how he even manages to exercise as it is. And no matter how I sleep, each night seems to get progressively more aggravating. As a restless sleeper, I can’t fall into deep slumber because my motions trigger painful flashes that then wake me up.

On the other hand, Beckett looks like he’s in great shape, taking care of himself in the off season and working his change-up. With Lester already strong in last year’s performance and still growing, Dice-K being, well, Dice-K, Beckett’s good performance only strengthens the returning pitcher core, not to mention the new additions to the team. As Beckett is a favourite of mine, I’m glad. I hope he comes back into this season in a big way.


The not-the-final-game game

Rays 2, Red Sox 4.

Watched from the 5th. Highlights:
– Beckett, looking a bit more like his old self.
– The broadcasters scanning the Tampa Bay crowd during a pitcher switch at score of Boston 4, Tampa 2, showing very sober and depressed looking Rays fans, and one yawner.
– Varitek’s homerun. Yes, the come back score was nice, but it was nice to see that Varitek, whose offense has falls the past two years, be able to clutch.
– Bradford’s underhand pitch still throws me off. Especially when he was pitching Ortiz’s intentional walk.
– As much as it stung, I had to admire the calculated risk the Rays made to walk Ortiz and hope for a double play out of Youk in the 8th. Because I still thought that was a risky bet.
– Upton’s ungraceful foul.
– Youk’s catching the final out.

General comments:
– I watched without sound. The audio was getting chopped up.
– After a game like this, one has to wonder if the World Series would be this exciting. ALCS does it again.
– The core 2007 WS team may still be around, but it’s not the same team.
– Some of those 1-2-3 innings flew by in a flash. This multi-tasker has
been busted for missing out a lot. But, I caught the last two scoring
runs, so I don’t feel so bad 🙂
– I’m still amazed everytime I watch Masterson pitch. Remember, this kid was in the double As just this spring.
– I don’t think I can watch in the Rays’ stadium. Those cow bells will drive me crazy. I get irate enough just dealing with my coworker’s whistling as it is.
– Series count: Boston 3, Tampa 3. This is beginning to look like a regular pattern. 

Finally, unrelated, but just as important:
I voted in the 2008 Presidential Election. You should as well.  

Ignorance is a bliss

MLB had some planning behind the scheduling of game times. When games run long in an already long-run game, spectators are unlikely to say “Oh, damn. I have lunch plans for folks. I need to go, even though they just scored the tying run in the 8th.”

Yep. That’s exactly what happened.

No technical glitches this time around. Just sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning. And having the unfortunately lunch plans with a very otherwise sweet local family in an excellent restaurant. OK, so the fact that we were treated to the lunch made it all the sweeter.

In a way, it was nice. Nice to walk away bummed that we couldn’t stick around the exciting, nerve-wrecking ending of a tied game. But walk away know the Sox still had a chance. Not having to live in the misery to knowing about a loss.

Observations, from the 3rd through the 8th.
– Wow. Homerun slug fest. Both pitchers clearly struggling.
– I worry about Beckett sometimes. What happened to the ace we had last year? Every now and then, I see a flash of his original brilliance in a pitch here and there and a strike out or two. But he has become so much more hit-able.
– Funniest moment: Ellsbury’s bunt foul… that knocked off his helmet and dignity. Someone needs to play that to him every now and then to make him squirm. I’d do something like that to a coworker if I had the ammo.
– Most enjoyable: Youk’s apparent relief when his blown at-bat opportunity was justified by enabling Pedroia to run home on a wild pitch.

So, series is now at Tampa Bay 1, Red Sox 1.

Tampa Bay has been persistent and stubborn. Characteristics I can appreciate and respect as a Red Sox fan. May the best team win. I just hope it’s Red Sox.

Orioles Park, here I come!

I treated myself to tickets to both Red Sox-Orioles games this week. Field box seating, leaning more towards the visitor team dugout.

Thank goodness the weather cleared up. Thank goodness the temperatures went up a tad. I was ready to put on my waterproof skiing layers I had to resort to that, although if the rain had continued, odds are the game would have been canceled altogether since half of DC was flooded by yesterday.

So what if the Sox is coming out of a lost series. I’m going to watch the Sox play live! This would make a new personal record of watching the Sox play four times in a year. Add in the Nationals game tickets I have for early June, it’s a record three regular season baseball games and two spring training exhibition games. Hey, I’m getting as much in as I can. The opportunity disappears soon.

Here’s to watching Beckett pitch.

By the way, Lowell’s book is now available in bookstores.

Beckett scratched

… and Pedroia volunteered to be secondary catcher. I almost want to see that.


In the meantime, I’m wondering how bad shape Beckett is in terms of health. It hasn’t been a good start for him this season.


Another aside: On my drive back north yesterday, I stopped by NYC to have dinner with a high school classmate and his wife. I miraculously found street parking in the Village, ignored a brief thought about a possible break in with my car bulging at the seams with personal belongings for my move. But I circled and backtracked my steps back to my car… just to take the Red Sox magnet of the side of my car in hide it in the trunk to avoid attracting any attention. Just. In. Case.

19 to go

I’m busy, busy, busy, hence the lack of posting lately. Worry not (or do worry, depending on your perspective!), I shall get back in the groove as soon as I get a chance.

In the meantime, I cheer yet again for my favourite player.


(photo from Boston.com)


Whadya think, Beckett? Aim for another 20-win season? Perhaps exceed it? 19 to go, then. No pressure. Seriously. Although winning 20+ more would be nice as well.


Other thoughts:

– Anyone else worried about Ortiz’s silence? As much on a roll as Manny is in, it can’t hide the DH’s lack thereof.  

C’mon, ESPN

So, yesterday was an exceedingly excellent day for the Sox:

Dice-K pitched phenomenally, taking in a win
Youkilis ties his error-less streak record, meaning the odds are he’s going to set the new record if he continues just one more game
Beckett is slated to pitch on Sunday, finally

All this aside, I couldn’t find a single game featured on tv last night. It didn’t even have to be the Red Sox. Any team would do. Baseball is baseball and I’m still a baseball fan. Argh. And I forgot to pack my XM radio to tune in. After being able to watch a couple of games earlier this week, I’m beginning to get used to the idea of watching baseball on tv. I don’t know how I managed last year- listening to XM and watching the mlb website with those virtual recaps of each pitch. Word, I must have been nuts.