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For a Red Sox fan…

…. his face looks rather horrifies. There must be dozens of pictures of his face all over the Internet now. lol.


This is more like it:


There was never a question about Jon Lester’s poise or his promising arsenal of pitches. It’s just that he never put it all together quite like Monday night, when he thrilled the Fenway Park faithful — not to mention his teammates — by throwing a no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals.

The Boston lefty was magnificent, walking just two batters while leading the Red Sox to a 7-0 victory over the Royals.

Instead of tiring, Lester only got stronger as the night wore on. Over the final five innings, it seemed the Royals were struggling just to make solid contact.

Not only was this Lester’s first no-hitter, but it was also his first complete game.

And it was the second no-hitter in as many seasons for the Sox. Clay Buchholz, a product of the Red Sox’s farm system just like Lester, did the honors last Sept. 1 against the Orioles.

The Red Sox have had four no-hitters in the 21st century. Hideo Nomo threw one at Baltimore in 2001 and Derek Lowe no-hit the Tampa Bay Rays in ’02. Of those four no-hitters, only Nomo’s took place away from Fenway Park.



Also, been selling my furniture off craigslist and got a buyer tonight. He saw my Red Sox hat thrown aside on a chair and inquired about the game. I responded with a casual “yes, we won, 7-0” then realised he still held his head in a slant as if waiting for more. I added “and it was a no-hitter” and was rewarded a nod and my $30 for the purchase.

Try this exercise

I love people watching. I’m the person who’s content standing in the dark corner of a room during a party and watching people, how they interact, with whom they interact, their mannerisms, their body language, and their communication.

So, if you’re a people observer, try this for kicks. Tune into the local baseball team’s radio station after a loss. Note: it’s easier to be objective and amused when it’s not your team, so try it when you’re travelling to a different city.

I’ve been tuning into the the local National’s broadcast station lately. The team is on a pretty hot streak. They’ve won the series against both the Cubs and the Mets. No small feat for the team ranking dead bottom.

Two observations.

First, although they ended up winning the series, the Nats lost badly to the Cubs on Saturday, thanks primarily to pitcher Matt Chico, who had be the assumed ace after last year’s performance but has so far flailed this year. For a team that’s been in town for only a couple of months, they’ve already gained some passionate fans who ran both Chico and Acta over the coals. I was a proponent for bringing the team to DC but my loyalties to the Red Sox runs deep. I was surprised how some locals have already adopted the Nats as the home team. Boy, those fans weren’t any nice than Red Sox fans are after a bad loss!

– send Chico down to the minors
– why is Acta coddling him?
– the batting coaching is terrible… they swing at everything
– velocity? What velocity. the radar guns are wrong!

It’s like Monday morning armchair quarterbacking for baseball!

Second, the broadcasters aren’t so gentle on the team either. And it comes out in the choice of words, even during the regular broadcast. It goes to show how teams with established loyalties have an advantage with sympathtic broadcasters. Some actual quotes:
– The Nationals have been extremely poor in pick-off defense
– They are fumbling with the ball all the time
– … little to no command of the pitching…
– May not be a routine catch but definitely should have been an error
– … lucky he wasn’t charged an error…
– I don’t know what he was thinking at all

Damn. From your own dedicated broadcasters? Brutal.

A breed within a breed

Y’all thought we true Red Sox fans are a rabid crazy lot.

Would it scare you to hear there’s a breed within this breed?

I admit.. I don’t find the need to go that far personally. I’ll settle with the blogging. Red war paint? Nah, the sun an’ me makes the combo naturally enough. Although I would like to get seats amongst them on the Green Monster for just one game, just to get the experience.

Beckett scratched

… and Pedroia volunteered to be secondary catcher. I almost want to see that.


In the meantime, I’m wondering how bad shape Beckett is in terms of health. It hasn’t been a good start for him this season.


Another aside: On my drive back north yesterday, I stopped by NYC to have dinner with a high school classmate and his wife. I miraculously found street parking in the Village, ignored a brief thought about a possible break in with my car bulging at the seams with personal belongings for my move. But I circled and backtracked my steps back to my car… just to take the Red Sox magnet of the side of my car in hide it in the trunk to avoid attracting any attention. Just. In. Case.