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Lugo… $%*&#$

Two errors in two games. Red Sox, four errors in two games and still counting. Team: The fact that we’re celebrating Youkilis’s error-less streak doesn’t mean you can compensate for lack thereof. And is this how you welcome your ace back??

You folks are too well-paid for this many mistakes. Why else would it be officially tagged as “Error”? Think about it.

Keep sluggin’ in those homeruns. You’re going to need ’em.



Three ef-fing errors by one player in one game. Apparently, we fans are not the only ones looking forward to Lowrie. Tell me why I shouldn’t shut off the radio.

To Toronto’s credit, they are coming strong this year. I believe we’ve overlooked them too long. They just may be the other AL East team to reckon with.

What does it say about what’s preoccupying my mind when each time the broadcaster says “Rod Barajas” I keep hearing “Barack Obama”?



Good heavens! 14 innings!?!? Toronto scoring, finally… but still have to finish the bottom inning to see if Yankees catch up.

Toronto, I won’t be so irate with you if you whoop the Yankees as well. If you’re going to give the Sox a whooping, might as well do the same for the Yankees to even the field out



Aside: this sorry state of a Sox fan is reduced to watching the game on espn.com scoreboard, those little red and green dots go on and off for the strike, ball, and out counts. I’m really waiting for my laundry, I swear!