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Afterglow postscripts

  • I was looking at the pictures of the celebration after Game 4. One of them had a player spraying champagne at the fans above the dugout. So, lemme ask, if there are kids in the audience, would that technically be feeding minors alcohol?
  • I definitely should have stayed home. I did not do squat today. Thanks a lot, Red Sox!
  • I will post on A-Rod tomorrow. I had held my one day of stony silence. I refused to give him and his news any acknowledgement for a whole day, not in the place of the Red Sox’s moment of fame.
  • There needs to be a better way to browse other MLB bloggers than that feature page. It’s getting unweidly.

Finally, to share an email exchange between my brother, who lives in the Midwest, and me, that took place about twenty minutes ago:

Bro: WOOOOHOOOOO. RED SOX WORLD CHAMPS 2007!!!!!! Oh boy – that made for an exciting night.

Me: Dude. Your reaction is TWENTY FOUR HOURS TOO LATE. What kind of a fan are you? I’m already popping open my second bottle of wine.

Bro: dude i spent too much time celebrating not on my computer before
getting to relaxing and sending out this email. my reaction was quite

hmm. Given my day, I really couldn’t argue, could I?


Monday’s a complete wash

I have spent zero, I repeat, zero attention at work today. I might as well have slept in, called in sick, and danced around at home in my pajamas. At least I would have accomplished something. Instead, nothing. Nada. A complete waste of a workday.


So, when will they announce Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young awards? Because I’m itching to find out and I really hope they are given to our major Red Sox candidates. If not, something is seriously wrong with the system.

The celebration parade has been announced. This out-of-towner is wistful, yet again. But I’m totally collecting my tacos.

When pictures speak louder

Hey, it’s the World Series that we won. So I think I’m allowed several celebratory posts, even though one already went out.

While the team is celebrating (seriously, boys, will you allow this swimmer to make a few better recommendations of goggles to wear, especially if you’re going to insist on making national news??):

All pictures from Boston.com


But, I think this expresses the sweetness of the victory best:

I couldn’t sleep!!! I was cheering on the fact that I can go back to a more normal sleeping pattern, yet, I couldn’t sleep, dammit, because I was too pumped about the win and the clinch.

The best part, though, was getting into my car bleary-eyed and half-alert this morning. I started the car and looked up at the rearview mirror to reverse out of my spot. Someone had scribbled in the morning frost of the rear window “Congrats!” If I had been ten minutes later for work, I would have missed it completely because the sun was shining full force and the dew was beginning to evaporate. The least I could do was run back into my house to get a camera to snap the tribute a neighbour left. I’m not sure my photography skills are up to par, but I tried!

Finally, you know what, this is by far the best expression of gratitude yet:

Yes, Oki, you expressed it best. We fans thank you and your teammates.

World Champions!!!

Red Sox wins Game 4 and the World Series!!!!

C’mon, Jon!!! I’m not going to bed until I see RiverDance III. Don’t make me stay up all night. Unlike you, my workweek is just starting.

Because his intensity so well expresses the team and the fans:


Congratulations, Sox.
Congratulations, Lowell on WS 2007 MVP. You were truly underheralded, until now. I can’t believe the broadcasters are talking nonsense about replacing you with A-Rod. The Red Sox needs you. Stay.
Congratulations, Francona. For excellent leadership and extreme patience.
Congratulations, Rockies. For being such a great class act. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ve got much coming ahead of you.

Scary game. Geez. Was I ever nervous. What a nice ending, tense, suspenseful, and oh-so-close. None of the 5+ point lead with absolutely no question of the win. Which makes this win all the sweeter.

Thank you, Red Sox. For an amazing season. For an amazing run in the postseason. For reminding the fans what it means to be faithful. For showing us what winners are made of. For a sweeping finish. For backing your teammates all the way from the pitching all the way down to the pinch hitting. For giving Lester the win. Now, go home and celebrate with your family and the fans.

Thank goodness. No more late nights. No more fidgeting over the small stuff (baseball). No more sleepless nights. No more of my friends calling me crazy. No more- Oh.




No more baseball.



decisions, decisions

I have a confession. I’m not going out to watch tonight’s game. Not to a bar that may be filled to the brim (ideally) with other Sox fans to celebrate together if we won and clinched the World Series.

I can’t. It’s Sunday night. I have to work tomorrow. Worse yet, I’m hanging alimbo, expecting an international phone call from my folks.

So, instead, I’ve set up my XM radio. I’ve gotten a hold of rabbit ears and a television, now in the process of set-up. Do people even know how to use rabbit ears anymore?? I’m able to pick up a fuzzy picture of the Patriots’ game, which means I got Fox, however grainy.

This was a tough call. Part of me is itching to grab my keys and troll for a Red Sox friendly spot. Or picking up the phone and calling friends to ask them to accompany me. I can’t. I’m beginning to wear them out. Heck, I’m wearing myself out.

So, tonight, if it comes to it, I celebrate alone. With a glass of wine, and an emergency borrowed television. In my pajamas, so I can just roll into bed as soon as the game is over and my blog entry posted.

Otherwise, I will, if it takes all my physical strength and willpower, haul my so-claimed Red Sox fans out with me on Tuesday. We’re gathering in town to watch some Halloween festivities anyway. They won’t be able to say no, because I will guilt-trip them. Or bribe them. Or beat them to submission. Whatever it takes. Because I made the emotional sacrifice for tonight. I celebrated 2004 alone. It didn’t make the victory any less sweet. It just would have been nice to share it.

Optimistic pessimist

I know I keep warning that it’s not over yet. I keep saying anything can still happen; this is, after all, baseball. We haven’t won until we actually won. Etc. In a sense, I guess I would strike many people as an alarmist or a pessimist. I like to think of myself as an optimistic realist. It’s my philosophy and approach to life in general. Hope for the best, prepare and brace for the worst. That way I can only be pleasantly delighted when the worst doesn’t happen. Which, for the record, means I’m happy to be corrected when I’m wrong.

I have to confess, though. I have been walking with a lighter step. I have a sense of excitment and impatience. The anticipation has replaced nervousness. I’m happy and I’m hoping to be happier. And I will welcome the end of a favourable season, the complete season.