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Torre in a nutshell

Joe Torre was featured in this week’s issue of Time Magazine in the “10 Questions” section. For this of you unfamiliar with the magazine, this section pulls 10 questions from the general audience and are posed to the person featured. I rather like this column because the publication has invited a very diverse and sometimes eclectic selection of noteworthy names.

Well, seeing Joe Torre stare back was a bit startling. I’ve see him in person in the Dodgers’ uniform. I’ve gotten so used to seeing him as an exemplification of the “Evil Empire” and the one coach who has thwarted the painful attempts for the Sox to make the AL East title.


I have to say, though, that a lot of that sense of dislike evaporated rather quickly when he changed uniforms and suddenly seemed much more human. That anti-Yankee sentiment also mellowed now that the Red Sox have won their second Championships in less than a decade. (Yes, I kept my expectations low).

I rather liked this article. If anything, I makes me respect him even more (and I *do* respect him and what he has accomplished, even as a Yankess coach).


What is up with the “Get Beckett to pitch” frenzy?!?

I get second guessing coaching decision. I get wanting the team to put the best foot out to win. I get the yelling at the team and at the tv screen in frustration.


But I do not understand why the news and fans are all second-guessing Francona’s decision to put Wakefield out and suggesting that the Red Sox is better of with Beckett even though he pitched just four days ago. Of course I say that because I disagree. Why sacrifice all for one single game in a long series? And why risk an unpredictable performance when it means less rest for a pitcher used to routine?


Have faith people. It’s just a one-game trail. And it’s baseball. It’s unpredictable. It’s just entertainment. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Bye bye, Torre.

Cleveland wins and clinches the ALCS berth against the Red Sox. The fact that they accomplished that in the hostile territory of the Bronx makes me respect them even more. It’ll be a match between two strong teams. I like to think the Red Sox is stronger and has a better chance but this is baseball, and we don’t know until it happens.


This may be the last time we see Torre in the Yankees jersey. It’s too bad. He really did lead the team through a huge winning streak and a reputation for being the best. It’s hard to stay up there. I don’t believe we’ve seen the end of Torre, though, although he may be sporting different colours. He’s got a huge record to back up his credentials.


Sabathia and Beckett. Now, that’s what I like to see.


For now. To bed. Way past bedtime on a schoolnight.