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Gimme a root canal, please


First, congratulations to the Orioles. This is the first O-Sox game I’ve attended in the six years I’ve been living in the area in which the O’s fans clearly overpower the Sox fans in loudness, tenacity, volume, and sheer pressence. I would, unofficially, estimate that it was almost a 50-50 split of the audience. Or somewhere close. Orange stands out louder and often can be confused with bright red in some lighting situations. Maybe because it was a weekday night game. Maybe because the O’s have experienced a bit of a surge early this season. Who knows. But I am impressed and dutifully humbled.

What a painful game to watch. Primarily because I watched the Sox squander away so many opportunities. And give up so many hits both in pitching and in defensive performance.

I cracked up laughing when I realised that Youkilis was the right fielder. Unbeknowst to those of us at the stadium without access to sources like Extra Bases, Coco was out because of an upset stomach (!?!).

I was kinda entertained by Ortiz’s antics in the ninth, although not so pleased by the O’s fans’ catcalls. I thought Ortiz made the wrong call. But I can relate to his pent up frustration. Heck, those of us sitting behind the homeplate, both Os and Sox fans alike, were constantly furious at the home base umpire by his calls. He had a moving strike zone that no one could identify. Even I had to acknowledge the second ball called when Manny was at bat with bases loaded was a strike. In fact, had Manny sturck out, the Sox might have had one more chance to make something of the opportunity. The only consolation we had was that the umpire was consistently inconsistent.

Aie. Bedtime. Way past, in fact. Hopefully the next game will bring better luck. I’ll be back, sitting in the exact same seat.  


A case of just not enough

What a rally tonight.. although just short. Those are the good but difficult games to watch.

My pessimistic Mum is throwing blame left and right and I’ve just reached the point of impatience where it’s not even fun watching with her. On Mother’s Day, of all days.


– I rather liked the pink bats. Quite a charming touch. Gestures like this really endear me even more to MLB.
– The pink armbands, though, eh, jury is still out on that one.
– I’m dying to find a Youtube clip of Dice-K’s out-of-hand wild pitch that landed two feet in front of the mound. It still makes me chuckle. Anyone have any luck?
– Watching moments of brilliance by Crisp reminds me why he’s a Golden Glove and why the Red Sox would want to hang onto him.
– Cora I missed. With the team weak on shortstop players so far, he’s looking quite fresh and superb.’
– I’m not sure I like Tina’s replacement.. Heidi. Seriously…


Long games help absentminded fans

Wow. Didn’t think I would be able to still watch the game. Am currently on the Left Coast for business. Came on in time to see Pedroia tag Cabrera.

Exciting moments of the game that I was lucky enough to catch:

– Double-play by Pedroia in the 8th
– Coco and Pedroia in the 8th.
– Lopez almost force Abreu to a face surgery. (damn. I’m not sure I’d be all the calm if I were Abreu.
– Casey saving Lugo of another error with a fantastic base catch and out on Abreu.
– A-Rod striking out (apparently the second of the night!)
– Delcarmen closing, effectively.



– Wow. Coco and Ellsbury on the same line-up. Two of the Sox’s fastest runners and most effective base stealers. Must be quite a show.

Have thoughts about the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry. Will probably post it in time for the next match up later this week.

How Red Sox are you?

I’m clapping like a gleeful 4-year-old with the news of the clubhouse exercising the option for Wakefield. Yes, he is injured. Yes, he had not had a good postseason. Yes, he had not had a good end of the regular season. But 17 wins in a season? It counts for something. It counts for a lot. Then there is also the intangible.

I alluded often to the “Red Sox identity.” The postseason really emphasizes on how professional baseball is different from school teams. It’s business. I don’t say it in a demeaning way, just factually. But, given all that, once the player is on a team, he plays for the team. I didn’t see a single person on that team being half-hearted about the World Series win, even if he was bound for free agency. All this, after all, is a team sport.

But some players got deeper into the sense of team and seem to adopt the team as his home team. Those players identify themselves as a member of that specific team, regardless of pay, and regardless of team’s hardware or lack thereof. Of course, this sense of is limited to some common sense factors like decent treatment from the clubhouse, some level of loyalty to the coaching staff and nucleus team composition.

Some players I feel had developed a true sense of Red Sox identity:

  • Varitek (obviously, the captain)
  • Youkilis
  • Ortiz
  • and Wakefield (for whose return I truly celebrate)

Some, I hope, will develop as they go deeper into their budding careers, and some of whom are starting to show it, but are really too rookie to tell:

  • Papelbon
  • Pedroia
  • Ellsbury

Finally, some who want to, providing the club demonstrates some reciprocal treatment:

  • Lowell
  • Schilling, to some degree

And I’ll dare to say it: sometimes I feel Manny is Red Sox, other times I wonder if he plays more for himself. He certainly has helped define the Red Sox with his seemingly carefree and loose attitude. But who has his loyalty? We may technically hold the contract but what is his heart saying? I can’t tell.

Also, I have no idea where to place Crisp and Beckett. I hope Beckett joins the club in more ways than a contractual agreement. Being the ace certainly made him more appealing but how red does he bleed? How red is he capable of bleeding?

12-2 Win!

… and the Red Sox pulls through to play another day! Congrats. Highlights:

– The $14 million hit. And so worth it. Can I say “I told you so” about Drew returning favor in a big way during the play offs? I told you so.

– No changing of the Old Guard. Good job, Schilling!

– Gagne gives us a solid inning. Heavens and thank heavens.

After watching a disappointing movie, the game completely turned my evening round. I’m sorry I missed the first three innings, apparently the best part because the rest of the game just flew by.

– One question though. Is it my imagination, or did Crisp replace Ellsbury at the end of the game??


Tomorrow: Dice-K. Are you really?

Can it be so?

Yippee!!!! Lookit! Ellsbury get a chance to play a full game, instead of just replacing Manny in the end of the winning games.


I’m sorry it is at the expense of Coco Crisp. But with talent like Ellsbury, it’s a waste to have him sitting on the bench the entire series. It’ll be interesting to see how the outfield plays out through what is left of the Boston postseason as well as through next year’s spring training.


Speaking of spring training… with my pending move coming up, I’m contemplating a trip down to watch spring training. It’ll be a while before I get easy access to any professional baseball. And it’s unlikely I’ll have a chance to visit Fenway for a long time.


I’m booked tonight and tomorrow. Bummer. No parking my butt at home just to follow the game(s). I’ll just have to pop my head in every sports bar in the way to get the gist of the score and the momentum. Scream like there’s no end, Fenway, because we’ve been rather quiet as of late. I can’t help much from afar, but the ballpark visitors better be on their rowdy feet.


Bill Meuller is throwing the first pitch. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I see some similarities between Meuller and Lowell, bot in how they play as well as how they carry themselves. We’ve been lucky with our third basemen. Welcome back, Meuller.