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A century and counting

It was frustrating watching the Cubs-Dodgers match-up this morning. To the point I happily dozed off after the 5th.

have a hard time correlating the Cubs I watched this morning with the
Cubs that had the best record towards the end of the season.

been spoilt, with the Red Sox. Even when they are down, the team still
gives it its best. I didn’t see that with the Cubs. The swinging, so
half-hearted. Someone remind me, is this the post-season?

too bad. I had high hopes. Enough to place a bet that the Cubs will
make it to the World Series. Now, I’ll just have to frame that ticket,
and caption it with “just short, for the 100th consecutive year.”


Considering my options

of how to watch the Red Sox from abroad.

Here’s the list I’ve come up with at this point. Any suggestions welcome:

– Continue the status quo of checking into Boston.com, Redsox.com, and occaisional game casts on espn.com
– Open a MLB.com subscription
– Get slingbox set up and tied to NESN back at my folks’
– Get Japanese cable
– Keep blogging

Ugh. Either way, it’s going to take more work. Sometimes, to the point I have to ask if it’s worth the hassle. I hope so. Because sometimes I feel like fans give so much more than they need to.

Yes, I’m still in a rotton mood about yesterday’s game.

Brother was in Vegas earlier this week. I asked him to put in a bet for me. $20 on the odds that the Cubs with be the National League champions.


Even though I know little else about baseball outside the Red Sox, I appreciated this commercial. I’ve seen it running for about a week now.