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It’s still a Big Boys’ game

The younguns make it fun to watch, but the big guys remind us every now and then that they are as much a part of the team too. This game around it was Jason Bay and JD Drew taking the limelight.

Angels 5, Red Sox 7

We are one game closer to clinching the series. It’s not done yet, but the odds certainly seem to be on the Sox’s favour, don’t they?

Remember last year? Remember what a downright hostile environment the fans made it for JD Drew? Remember how he got booed more than any opposing team player in his own home field? His grandslam endeared him to the Red Sox Nation, but pity it took that.

His clinching homerun wasn’t quite as grand an event, but just as critical to the win. What I thought was a highlight was his catch of a homerun that almost was.

Lucky for Bay, he hit off well right away, no pun intended. This may be his first postseason, amongst a team of many returns even within the rookie ranks, but he doesn’t act it. At the rate he’s going, he’s got a good chance to get my vote as a series MVP.

Highlights- I had class this morning so caught only the first six innings:
– This was an offensive game. Up and down performance from two stellar pitchers.
– Watching Ortiz really husle an extra base to score. How often does that happen?
– Jason Bay’s homerun. No doubt about that one.
– Hunter’s semi-tantrum for a close call, resulting with hurting himself.
– JD Drew’s catch of a long flyball just at the fence’s edge.
– Dice-K’s messy 5th. He got lucky.


Home, Sweet Home, Indeed

Well, I don’t need to repeat what can be read or heard in the news. Just my thoughts:

  • The Sox seem to be going through a seesaw on ups and downs, this being a huge up after being swept by Toronto.
  • Emotionally, this is a high not just for the team but also for the fans who get a chance to watch the team play as we saw them play last fall.
  • JD Drew is blazing hot… and continuing it. I hope this is a big year for him.
  • What a surprise to see Buckner make a return to Fenway! I missed the festivities, but was vastly amused to read the reactions of fellow bloggers, Dan and Steve.
  • I hope the team regains energy and momentum from today’s game and celebration. It still is a long season to come.
  • Tigers… ouch. Now, that team’s fans have got to be beginning to worry.
  • Personally, I’m enjoying this view, even from thousands of miles away:


I completely lost my train of thought… and what I was going to say about the Nats and their stadium.

So, onward, back to the Sox.

Players are slowly getting healthy:

– Drew is back on the roster
– Beckett will pitch an intrasqad game tomorrow
– Timlin got his stitches out but it looks like he needs to heal gradually over rehab

Other things:

– Kielty. Balking on joining AAA. It does seem odd he is being thrown back there after his few but definitely major-league style appearances. Can I blame him for wanting to consider his options? No. It’s his career and he alone best decides which path works best for him. At the same time, there simply isn’t space on the roster, is there? I don’t know..

Cherry Blossoms here, and there

What a gorgeous Easter. And a reminder that the Cherry Blossom Festival is approaching both where the Sox are as well as here in DC. I somewhat regret not going to town to enjoy the view today, but I have several weeks to work out a trip. This is my favourite event of the year, even if it means sharing space with annoying hoards of tourists.

2gcard_0091_1(Photo proudly taken by blogger)

The weather, the sun, and the blooming plants come with continuing good news from the Sox:
Drew is hitting well. With less intense pressure and no more heckling from the RSN, he seems more relaxed and ready to play the way he was brought on to play.
Beckett plays a minor league game, ready to bring it up another level in his next outing.
– Amusingly, the Sox seems to be having a very tough time finding someone to wear the Wally suit. Heck, I would do it if I knew they needed someone and it included a trip to Japan with the team.

Hai. Good news indeed. Now, what are the odds I can fly out there in time for the Wally suit on opening day? (ps, Sox Front Office: I live within vicinity of one of the few airports that have a direct flight toTokyo) Hm..

Glass half empt- erm, filled

The playoffs have accentuated the different personalities in my family. Mum, the ever pessimist, has yelled at the entire Red Sox team on the tv all season long and gets discouraged from the slightest missed opportunity. Dad, the optimist, has been counting down on wins needed for the World Champions trophy pretty much since June. I am in the middle, a hoper who’s afraid to predict anything before it actually happen. My brother, just plain cheers.


JD Drew just made himself the most popular man in Boston. It’s ironic give how fans have been boo-ing him for so long. Which brings to mind of fan behaviour.


I’m as guilty of criticising players as any. For 7-8 figure salaries, these guys need to play at some minimum standard. But I can never understand loudly and actively booing a player at the stadium, especially at the player’s home turf.

Drew and Gagne has been getting that treatment from the Red Sox fans. I agree both of them have had disappointing seasons. I’m still uneasy when Gagne pitches because he has actually cost us games. I didn’t mind Drew not hitting as much since it’s just not taking opportunity to make offense and feels less costly.


Red Sox gains nothing from being boo-ed by its own fans in the stadium, no matter how annoying their players are. Ultimately, whether we approve or not of a coach’s or manager’s decision, we want our team to win, right?



Tonight. One last game to the ALCS. I’m excited that the team came from a 3-1 deficit. Now, it all comes down to one single game. Nerve-wrecking enough for me. I’m comforted that the last game is in Fenway. I’m bummed that I am not there. I wonder what’s in store for all of us…


I will say this. The Indians have been tough. They’ve forced the Sox to put their best game forward and didn’t let them get away with anything less. It has been a good match between two good teams. It’s made a good series and good baseball. I still expect the Red Sox to gun it and secure a win, but, thank you, Cleveland, for making this a great series to watch and to fret over.

12-2 Win!

… and the Red Sox pulls through to play another day! Congrats. Highlights:

– The $14 million hit. And so worth it. Can I say “I told you so” about Drew returning favor in a big way during the play offs? I told you so.

– No changing of the Old Guard. Good job, Schilling!

– Gagne gives us a solid inning. Heavens and thank heavens.

After watching a disappointing movie, the game completely turned my evening round. I’m sorry I missed the first three innings, apparently the best part because the rest of the game just flew by.

– One question though. Is it my imagination, or did Crisp replace Ellsbury at the end of the game??


Tomorrow: Dice-K. Are you really?

Dudes, this is going to be a long few weeks

I am so sleep-deprived it really isn’t all that funny anymore. The excitement of the games really haven’t been helping me sleep well.. or sleep enough, for that matter. My daily cup of strong coffee isn’t cutting it. Last night, I was so out of it I forgot to set my own alarm. I guess a sign of getting old is when your body automatically wakes up at an early hour even though you have never been a morning person.

A loss. This doesn’t bode well for my sleep either. But, before we drag our feet with bowed heads to bed, I have some nicer things to say.

Varitek: Welcome back to the world of connecting with the ball. I was truly glad to hear your homerun crack. There’s no question about your value in the team… you’re not captain for nothing. But you are capable of hitting and hitting well and it was tough for all of us to watch you work through a slugging slump. Three homeruns in less than a week, welcome back.

JD Drew: In a way, I feel sorry for the grief you go through. You, too, have been hitting the ball lately. Your current month batting average is listed as .323, which was probably more along what the team needs and what the front office anticipated when they brought you on. In a way, batting averages are like stocks; past performance is not necessary an indicator of what is to come. But at the same time, the numbers to represent what is possible and what the trends can be. So, congrats on the improved on-bases and I wish you luck. Really. I hope you contribute in a big way and force fans to swallow their words. The team has nothing to gain from the proving otherwise.

Now, bedtime.