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Count down

Overnight bag check
Case of Virginia wine for Dad check
Bag of spices for Mum check
XM radio in car for the drive check
Munchies for the the drive check
Wallet check
Full tank of gas check


I’m set, and ready for the drive home! The thing of it is… being able to watch the Sox games on tv is such a treat for me. I’m going to lose XM access once I move so I *might* subscribe to MLB.com but at this point I have yet to decide if it’s worth the time. Until then, going home is a treat not only because it’s home but also I get to follow the Sox. Trips like this offer me opportunities to see the team’s brilliance on screen… such as Buchholz’s no-hitter last summer.  

Oh yeah… it’ll be good to see you, too, Mum and Dad. 🙂


C’mon, ESPN

So, yesterday was an exceedingly excellent day for the Sox:

Dice-K pitched phenomenally, taking in a win
Youkilis ties his error-less streak record, meaning the odds are he’s going to set the new record if he continues just one more game
Beckett is slated to pitch on Sunday, finally

All this aside, I couldn’t find a single game featured on tv last night. It didn’t even have to be the Red Sox. Any team would do. Baseball is baseball and I’m still a baseball fan. Argh. And I forgot to pack my XM radio to tune in. After being able to watch a couple of games earlier this week, I’m beginning to get used to the idea of watching baseball on tv. I don’t know how I managed last year- listening to XM and watching the mlb website with those virtual recaps of each pitch. Word, I must have been nuts.

10 signs that you’re an expatriate

  • You’re pleasantly surprised or completely astounded when someone is able to converse with you indepth about the Red Sox line-up and debate Tito’s strategies and approaches
  • You seriously albeit briefly contemplate whether or not donning team gear would jeapordise your safety before actually putting it on.
  • You don Sox gear because it’s a great conversation starter/ice breaker.
  • You nod understandingly when someone else demonstrates loyalty to another team
  • You count the rare occurances when you see Sox stickers put up anywhere outside your own property.
  • You walk in every Dunkin’ Donuts shop you drive by, scanning the patrons for signs of Red Sox
  • You maintain a roster of Irish pubs’ phone numbers to check if they are playing the game before you put on your shoes.
  • You, for just six months, call Mum and Dad daily just to hear how the game is going.
  • You consider three-week old team news new news.
  • You converse as if you’re BFF with another fan, at a red light through open windows, that you spotted just a second ago.
  • You are used to no one getting you.

Uumm, should have used numbered bullets. That’s 10 right? Hm, maybe I should have said 15…

One day to go

I have talked friends into gathering at a local sports bar tomorrow night to watch the game. No, let me correct myself. For them to have an excuse to go out to drink and for ME to watch my game.


A lot of those same friends mock me for my fanaticism. I’m not a religious person. I’m not a superstitious person. I’m usually pretty mellow (so I’m told) and calm. By trade, I have to think very methodically and logically. But the Red Sox brings a whole other side of me out.


All this makes the timing of this post (I’ll forgive his being a Yankees fan for this one case) so appropriate. I have come to appreciate lately, how much die hard fans know and do, not only because I am one, but also because I can’t find another to share. It has reached the point where I call my parents to rant, rave, and cheer about the Red Sox. My parents, people. My parents. I have to call home to talk to someone who understands the Red Sox like I do.


I live in a city where most of the population are transients. I joke that driving here is dangerous because there is no one inherent style of driving since people come from all over. And I live in a city of, I believe, people who love winners and popularity. Being a Red Sox fan is apparently in the mode right now. In fact, since fall of 2004. Kerry wore the brand spanking new Red Sox cap, not even an authentic style mind you, in his campaign trail.


I thought I had a long list of potential fellow Red Sox fans. And that list is slowly diminishing. I don’t think I require much. I don’t know everything there is to know about baseball. I have only recently taken concerted effort to learn the finer details. Like what the “magic number” is. (granted that statistic came in play so rarely that I didn’t have to know what it is back then!) The significant number of the 2004 team being free agents taught me appreciate and start to understand the complexities of the contract business. So I don’t ask fans to need to know much to be able to chat with me. But I find either I underestimate how much I know or I overestimate what people think it means to call themselves a Red Sox fan.


So, in the spirit of all this, I’ll share how my “list” has reduced lately:

Sunday, Game 7, watching at friends’ home
– Coco catches the third out. I am jumping up and down, almost in synchronisation with the Red Sox team on television.
Friend: They’re already celebrating! They’re not even going to finish game!
Me: What? Game’s over.
Friend: But there’s the other half of the 9th inning.

Saturday, Game 6, at the bar with a friend, a fellow MA native
Me: Did you hear that Bill Meuller threw the first pitch?
Friend: Who?
Me: Meuller. The 2004 third baseman.
Friend: Don’t know who he is.


Some Red Sox fan humour

An actual email exchange I had with a friend today:

Friend: Let’s celebrate happy hour tonight at M’s! Email me to RSVP.

Me: I’ll go.. IF you ask for table space downstairs, where we can watch tv. Red Sox is playing 🙂

Friend: J, do you need a Red Sox intervention?  I think J2 and I can arrange a joint intervention for you and Adam.

<after happy hour, just now after I got home>

Me: Girl, there’s nothing wrong with being Red Sox obsessed! Besides, I was good tonight. The TV above us was playing basketball and it took all my willpower to not ask our kid server to change it to baseball. As for intervention…. Either that or just wait until the season is completely over which will either be this week or two weeks.

Friend: Admitting you have a problem is the first step…


Also, a conversation with a coworker over lunch:

Coworker: You know, there’s a crazy person with a big-*** Red Sox sticker on the side of his car

Me: Really? I gotta figure out who it is. I think we’ll make best friends!


A continuing listing of what a Red Sox expatriate like myself goes through just to kindle the Red Sox fanaticism, in my lonesome corner.

A friend got tired of hearing me moan about not being able to watch a Sox game on tv because, well, I don’t own a contraption of a television. So she basically tossed a small kitchen portable telly into my backseat and said “enjoy! Keep it for a month!” In addition to being grateful that she would offer such a loan, I was delighted that she said a “month” as in expecting I would need it through the play offs. Who knew she had such Red Sox faith?? I’ll bet even she doesn’t! Note, this was before the Sox clinched a spot and during their horrible slump.

Alas, the stars just won’t line up properly for me. I have no antenna and neither does the telly. So I hooked it up to an existing cable line that is fed into my house, even though I don’t subscribe to cable television. In the past, I found that the broadcast channels are still broadcasted through the cable, even without an active subscription since those are technically free channels. The reception was horrid. I spent more time squinting through the dots and fuzz than actually watching any broadcast. So much for that idea. XM, I’m stuck with you yet a bit longer.

What a bother. Does anyone know if I can possibly get that cable line fixed somehow so I can get the public channels clearly, even without being a subscriber? Otherwise I’m going to have to grudgingly return it and simply thank my friend. And resort to simply waving a red t-shirt on a stick to declare my loyal fanship.

Listening to the drum beat

After a good night’s rest and with a huge cup of Dunkin’ in my hand, I now find myself very very excited about the coming series against the Yankees. Especially the pitcher match-ups. Tomorrow: Beckett vs. Wang. Wow. Talk about resolving who’s going to be the AL leader in wins. Both tied on the top with 18 and both gunning for their 19th win. That will be a good game to watch… I’m going to have to find some folks and a good sports bar to camp in to watch.

Times like this, I really wish I had a television.