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Rerun- LA/SF

So Manny did cut his tresses off. Torre has seemed to establish a pattern of demonstrating his authority over the two epitomes of the 2004 Red Sox “Bunch of Idiots.” Between Manny and Damon, who else? Yes, I heard it on the news, but it didn’t keep me from making a double-take.

ESPN here likes to play the same game twice. In the morning live, and in the evening a full-rerun for those of us who don’t wake up early enough.

So, rewatching it now, and catching the first six innings that I missed.


27 September: SF vs LAD

Innings watched: From the top of the 7th to the end.

– In some way, the Dodgers have been a collector of previous Red Sox hot shots. And now those guys get another post-season shot.
– Joe Torre in a LAD unifrom.
– LAD closer Saito… there really is a trend of hiring Japanese players.

– The hit that broken the Dodgers out of the 1-1 tie.
– The “show of emotion” as the broadcasters called it, at the end of the 8th.

Dodgers also announced the pitching rotation for the first three and Lowe has the privilege of starting the series. I wonder if the postseason clinch is a trend of the Torre touch?