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A case of just not enough

What a rally tonight.. although just short. Those are the good but difficult games to watch.

My pessimistic Mum is throwing blame left and right and I’ve just reached the point of impatience where it’s not even fun watching with her. On Mother’s Day, of all days.


– I rather liked the pink bats. Quite a charming touch. Gestures like this really endear me even more to MLB.
– The pink armbands, though, eh, jury is still out on that one.
– I’m dying to find a Youtube clip of Dice-K’s out-of-hand wild pitch that landed two feet in front of the mound. It still makes me chuckle. Anyone have any luck?
– Watching moments of brilliance by Crisp reminds me why he’s a Golden Glove and why the Red Sox would want to hang onto him.
– Cora I missed. With the team weak on shortstop players so far, he’s looking quite fresh and superb.’
– I’m not sure I like Tina’s replacement.. Heidi. Seriously…



Sorry, team

I have a confession. I dozed off in the 8th inning. Even with my family’s loud exclamations to punctuate that was going on in the game, I flat out fell asleep in the 8th inning. Just as well. I fell asleep thinking the Red Sox was going to will. How better way to be knocked out?

What can I say? I was dead exhausted. So much so that, for the first time in over fifteen years, I woke up not knowing where I last placed my glasses.

When the game ended, Dad shook me awake ever so gently. But it was the words he spoke into my ear that really roused me. “Go to bed, sweetie. Game’s over. Papelbon blew another save.” So that was what all that commotion that I was vaguely aware of was all about.

*sigh* well, trudge off the bed anyway. The Sox isn’t going to help me catch up on rest.

Home, again

.. watching the Red Sox on HD. And, traitorously wondering if I could pull off sneaking a peak to watch my usual Friday evening show of Num3ers.


– Really really rooting for a demotion of Lugo
– Lester doesn’t seem to be varying his pitches.
– Youkilis doesn’t look natural stealing, but good for him!

Six win streak and counting

Red Sox: 7, Angels: 6

What an exciting game. Start ahead, fall behind, tie, get ahead, tie, break ahead. I felt like my mind was volleying back and forth like a tennis ball in a court.

– NESN called the play of the day Youk’s homerun. While he tied the game after a four run deficit, I feel like the honors really belong to Ellsbury, closely followed by his partnership with Pedroia. Two homeruns, and the winning score. That’s almost half the Red Sox score.
– Lugo’s hitting is hot. I’m still holding his defensive weakness against him.
– Timlin didn’t really earn the win… no more than Oliver deserved the loss.
– Best facial expression: Weaver’s open-mouthed gape at Youkilis’ homerun.
– Oki wasn’t so hot tonight. I hope that’s a temporary thing.
– Would kinda have liked to see Pedroia holding a catcher’s mitt, just for schitz and giggles.
– Wished my parents’ ginormous plasma HDTV had captioning.
– It’s good to be able to watch a Sox game, though.


Happy Birthday, Tito.

Beckett scratched

… and Pedroia volunteered to be secondary catcher. I almost want to see that.


In the meantime, I’m wondering how bad shape Beckett is in terms of health. It hasn’t been a good start for him this season.


Another aside: On my drive back north yesterday, I stopped by NYC to have dinner with a high school classmate and his wife. I miraculously found street parking in the Village, ignored a brief thought about a possible break in with my car bulging at the seams with personal belongings for my move. But I circled and backtracked my steps back to my car… just to take the Red Sox magnet of the side of my car in hide it in the trunk to avoid attracting any attention. Just. In. Case.

Laughing all the way up I-95

while listening into the game against the Rangers… especially during the fourth inning.

Final score: 8-3, Red Sox.

What I loved best about this game was the fact that the Red Sox shows its brilliance not through the big named players but through its depth of experienced, its investment in the farm system, and, finally, its demonstration of a cohesive team.

The commentators kept saying how Nippert was “taking one for the team” and deliberately left hanging out to dry because the Gabbard had an unexpectedly short outing. I didn’t like this implication. The way I see it- if the commentators are right, then it’s poor coaching, leadership, management, and whatever other word you want to insert in there. It’s saying that the team and coach made the conscious decision to call the game a wash and designate Nippert as the scapegoat. That’s poor sportsmanship. That’s poor teamwork.

So I’m going to assume the commentators are dead wrong and doing a poor job of the primary role as a narrator. My next question is: why did Washington leave Nippert out that long? Yes, they lost their starter earlier. So what? Stuff like this happens all the time and they should have, in the process of building their roster, planned for this possibility. The only reasoning I can come up with is that they have exhausted all available relief pitchers in the earlier games of the series, leaving precious few in the right physical condition to carry on. Since I did not follow any of the other games live, I don’t know if it’s true or not.  

Don’t get me wrong. I was cheering every step of the game for the Sox. I just, as a baseball fan, have to sympathize with that it going through the Rangers’ fans’ minds at the moment. It seems to me that they have the right to be frustrated. 

Count down

Overnight bag check
Case of Virginia wine for Dad check
Bag of spices for Mum check
XM radio in car for the drive check
Munchies for the the drive check
Wallet check
Full tank of gas check


I’m set, and ready for the drive home! The thing of it is… being able to watch the Sox games on tv is such a treat for me. I’m going to lose XM access once I move so I *might* subscribe to MLB.com but at this point I have yet to decide if it’s worth the time. Until then, going home is a treat not only because it’s home but also I get to follow the Sox. Trips like this offer me opportunities to see the team’s brilliance on screen… such as Buchholz’s no-hitter last summer.  

Oh yeah… it’ll be good to see you, too, Mum and Dad. 🙂