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Stop me before I do bodily harm

I hope the Red Sox lose two games so they can clinch in Boston.” Are you people FREAKING out of your minds?!?!? 

I cannot believe how many people are saying this. What is wrong with you?? A win is a win, I don’t care where it happens. What kind of a fan would ask their team to lose, just for sense of convenience. You prefer the team give up a chance of a sweep?!? Who gave you that sense of entitlement?

Clearly you don’t know or don’t remember what it’s like cheering for a team that was into its 80-something-th year of a World Series title drought. Before 2004, the last time the Sox won was 1918. How many people do you know who were alive in 1918?! This makes, what, the fourth time (?) they made into the WS in almost 90 years. Where the blazes did you get the idea that we can afford to be picky?

How I wish I can do some voodoo curse on you spoiled people. No, I don’t dare tarnish the good name “fan” on you. It belittles me.


Seriously, enough with the Bloody Sock

OK, the whole “legacy” “history” and “lore” thing is getting tiring. The whole predicting who wins based on trends in the past is not what I want. This is baseball. A game. A sport. An entertainment for most of us. Yes, Schilling was amazing beyond belief in 2004. But that was 2004. This is 2007. Schilling may be sans bloody sock, but he is three years older. The team composition is different. The opposing team is different. We don’t know what’s going to happen.


By the way, good luck, Sox. Go git ’em!

What happened out there?

Well, my celebratory post went out last night right after the game ended. But, more thoughts as I actually review the video highlights online (the things we tv-less fans have to do to get all the details!) Weird moments of last night:

– Manny’s homeru- erm, single. Wow. I’m still confused about what it is supposed to be. It’s really not that big a deal once all the runs start getting clocked in but what a confusing call.

– Beckett-Lofton. What happened out there? I’m just itching with curiosity now. But this account is funny and I haven’t stopped laughing yet. I’m a Red Sox fan through and through, but I’ve definitely appreciated Garko’s blog. Great attitude and great selection of play-off player bloggers by MLBlogs.