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ALCS, Here we come!!!!!

I’m so glad Ellsbury and Hinske had a chance to play. It’s understandable that the normal starters are, well, the starters, especially when Manny has hit many crucial runs in this series. But, it’s nice the kids get a chance to play, however short, in this series.


Pitching: Schilling is Schilling, reliable, veteran, and fantastic. Congratulations on another post-season win for you, Schilling. Why in heaven’s name do we still use Gagne?!?! I don’t care if we have a “safe buffer”, this could have been a shut-out. I know it seems contradictory that I say this after my first paragraph, but the former two have proved their worth. 


I did not anticipate a sweep of this series, but I am glad. It will boost the team morale going into the championship series, not that they need it, but we’ll take any help we get… my magnet doesn’t seem so obnoxious anymore! It’s interesting all the teams so far have swept their respective series. Go Cleveland, and complete this pattern tonight.


Do I dare to hope?

… that Beckett may have a shot for #21 as well?

Instead of dwelling on that, I figured it’s time I list out some of my favourite Red Sox players, in no particular order:

  • Ellsbury: What a sensation! And a joy to watch! I hope this is the beginning of a long and great career. He certainly has much in store for him. He runs like lightening, hits remarkably well, and dares to take risks defensively and offensively. For some reason he makes me think of a younger (and more clean-shaven) and outfielder version of Garciaparra.
  • Pedroia: Size doesn’t matter for this guy. Quick on his feet and in his mind. He has saved many pitchers from possible earned hits with his good reaction times and great defense. The fact that he has one of the highest batting averages known to rookies and veterans doesn’t hurt, either. Although he has been overshadowed by Ellsbury lately, I haven’t forgotten how much he has done and continues to do.
  • Beckett: 20 wins. Need I say more?
  • Lowell: He considers himself a lowkey player in this team. Yeah, right. That attitude makes me only like him more.
  • Hinske: He is entertaining!! Every time I see him, I think he belongs on a football field, not in the baseball diamond.
  • Varitek: His batting has been pretty bad lately but I will always respect him for his leadership. He has guided many pitchers, young and old, through many wins. Buchholz’s no-hitter against Baltimore was a sensation; I think Varitek had far more influence in that win than the media credited. Here’s to hoping that he will bring his slugging self back to form for the play-offs.


Well done, Beckett. Congratulations on your 19th win and do I ever hope you make 20 by season’s end. In watching the game, there’s no doubt which pitcher ruled the game. Great pitching! What an enjoyable game to watch. Thanks, Sox.

I know Beckett deserved the player-of-the-game mention. But I wanted to bring up one more name: Hinske. He had a good day. Good fielding and good batting. He’s not considered a primary player nor a big name but he certainly had his day at the ballfield. It’s great to see guys like him do well and shine. The stronger the teammates are, the stronger the team is overall. Relying on a few sluggers to take us through the season and post-season is a risky venture. Team sports are team sports for a reason.

Ellsbury is so refreshing to watch. I am now a huge fan of him. What’s more, he always looks like he is enjoying himself. It’s as if he came to the realisation that it’s baseball and he has made it to the majors by playing a game. Granted, his on-base average probably helps his mood but he’s always grinning when the camera zooms in on him. He’s make it fun to watch baseball. Boy, can that kid run!! From first to home?! Whew!

I never liked having focus on a few select super-stars (think Vaughn, Pedro, Damon) and it’s nice to have new kids show up with a can-do attitude and a determination and discipline to execute. This year’s stellar rookies have all but taken over the game. For me, the joy lies not in seeing a superstar hit a home run, but in how a team pulls together and backs each other up. The fact that you have a team composed of half rookies and leading the charge proves that teamwork trumps having big name contracts.

However, speaking of big contracts. JD Drew has been having some good days lately. I’m glad. I know the fans haven’t taken to him and he’s had a tough year but it’s not like I *want* him to fail or play poorly. It’s a tough world, coming into a team like Red Sox with the kinds of fans we are. He has had an uphill battle from the get-go as far as popularity and support go. I’m glad to see that he’s hitting, that he’s performing. It can only help the team and I hope he continues to improve. I hope he contributes to the post-season in a huge way and I’m rooting for him because we all have something to gain.

Favourite moments: (thanks to boston.com)
Not too smooth yet pretty funny. Someone remind Hinske this is baseball, not football!

Now we’re talking smoooooth!