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I’m back!

Well, sorta. This time difference is not conducive to following baseball. But, ironically, we get more baseball coverage than Olympic games coverage. Ironic but irritating. As an athlete and as a coach, I care about the Games. I understand the issue of broadcast rights, but if the designated station isn’t going to cover all, it should turn over the rest of the coverage to a cooperative and not-immediate-competition station, like ESPN or BBC Sports.  ARGH.

We haven’t yet gotten SlingBox set up. Which adds to my frustration further. Especially since the only technically inclined person in the family…. is me. And I’m halfway across the globe from where the SlingBox is sitting right. now.

Anyway, when I found myself glancing up at a game recap on ESPN above the treadmill to catch a 10-12 score then after a few huffs and puffs, look up to see 16-16, I knew it was time to set up my baseball routine.

When I realised I didn’t even recognise the pitcher’s name, I knew I lost my touch.

When I realised I had a colleague whose 11 year old son loves the Red Sox even though neither parent is baseball-inclined, I knew I suddenly had a responsibility to not only impress but also educate the kid.

So, I’m back. Will be blogging within a few days once I read up and catch up on the Red Sox changes from the past two months. Yes, I know Manny is gone. Yes, I know who Bay is. I’m not that out of touch.


what happened??

I leave and the team goes through a five game losing streak? Where’s the Red Sox? 

It’s nice to come back to a game where Lester shows his stuff. A 9 inning shut-out. Good going, kid.

On other news.. I’m slowly settling into my new home in Thailand. Upon my first week here, I met a coworker who is a self-proclaimed Red Sox fan. He has the Bahstan accent so perhaps he really is fan enough to match me.

But my belongings are still en route, leaving me to live out of my suitcase for a while longer. *sigh* And we didn’t have success setting up Slingbox before I left. We’ll have to wait until my brother goes home to set it up. As soon as he does, Red Sox watching parties, it’s totally on! At least on the weekends.

Must. Take. Deep. Breaths.

No, not Red Sox related. Although looking at the score was painful enough.

More as an update to my more sporadic posting as of late. Movers show up Monday. Plane tickets have been booked for two weeks after packing out.

Instead of methodically sorting my belongings, I’ve cramming my scheduling with social events to say farewell to my family and friends. No bright but I can’t see to help myself. On top of that, I’m working through of a list of “Things I must do in DC before I leave”. That includes a Nationals game against the Giants tonight.

So. I. A.m. P.a.n.i.c.k.y. R.i.g.h.t. N.o.w.

And the Red Sox isn’t enough of a catharsis for me. Not by a long shot.

I am alive. I will resume posting. I just can’t afford much time right now. So, enjoy the month of June.

Red Sox edges ahead

Beginning of the series, and the Sox bounce back from a rather unpleasant away games series.

I find it hard to consider a double header two separate games. It’s more like an 18-inning baseball game with a super long 10th inning stretch. It’s almost midnight and they are still playing.. it’s a wonder there aren’t more signs of fatigue.

Heck, I’m too tired to tune in myself. Being out in the sun all day long coaching WeCanRow breast cancer survivors is easy work but a long long day.

No, 18 innings is a long long day, indeed.

Sorry, team

I have a confession. I dozed off in the 8th inning. Even with my family’s loud exclamations to punctuate that was going on in the game, I flat out fell asleep in the 8th inning. Just as well. I fell asleep thinking the Red Sox was going to will. How better way to be knocked out?

What can I say? I was dead exhausted. So much so that, for the first time in over fifteen years, I woke up not knowing where I last placed my glasses.

When the game ended, Dad shook me awake ever so gently. But it was the words he spoke into my ear that really roused me. “Go to bed, sweetie. Game’s over. Papelbon blew another save.” So that was what all that commotion that I was vaguely aware of was all about.

*sigh* well, trudge off the bed anyway. The Sox isn’t going to help me catch up on rest.

Dear readers,

Please exercise patience and bear with me over the next several of months. I just purchased my one-way tickets out of the country. And it will be a hectic time. Between juggling work and attending to personal and family issues, I’m lucky if I remember to pull up a browser to even check the scores, let alone set up my XM radio to follow the game.

I just got a letter in the mail from XM reminding me that the credit card on their files is due to expire soon and to call or go online to update my account info. It is actually taped on my fridge as a reminder to cancel my account prior to packing out.

This morning, I went, for the first time in my life, to see a lawyer. There’s something sobering about getting a living will drawn up when you have yet to reach 30 years of age. And more so when your own parents have never taken the time to write wills of their own. I walked out of the building with the resolve to haul my parents’ butts into a lawyer’s office before I leave and force them to sort out their issues. It had been my intent to have my papers drawn up by a Boston area lawyer so I can coerce my parents to accompany me and get theirs done. I was turned away and advise to see a local lawyer who is familiar with the inheritance and probate laws of my state of residency, Virginia. Given that my father just underwent a major surgery less than a month ago, I only got angrier at him for being blasé enough to not attend to having a will. How can he lecture me on my keeping my affairs in order?

On the other hand, I recently did my baby cousin a favour and got her in touch with a few federal agents to talk to her about their jobs. The college kid is considering going into federal law enforcement and seemed super impressed by my connections. I admit, it feels good to be adored a bit, even if it’s by someone so impressionable.

It’s been and going to continue being a rollercoaster of sorts, especially emotionally. There’s nothing like an international relocation to make me realise as much as I talk about my childhood home of Boston that I really have grown very deep roots here in DC. And despite all my blathering about being independent and self-reliant, I have an incredible support network of family and friends that have helped me stand on my two feet.

Yea, it’ll be a busy few months. I will stay with the Red Sox as soon as I resume some sort of a routine. 

Angst, Angst indeed.   

Count down

Overnight bag check
Case of Virginia wine for Dad check
Bag of spices for Mum check
XM radio in car for the drive check
Munchies for the the drive check
Wallet check
Full tank of gas check


I’m set, and ready for the drive home! The thing of it is… being able to watch the Sox games on tv is such a treat for me. I’m going to lose XM access once I move so I *might* subscribe to MLB.com but at this point I have yet to decide if it’s worth the time. Until then, going home is a treat not only because it’s home but also I get to follow the Sox. Trips like this offer me opportunities to see the team’s brilliance on screen… such as Buchholz’s no-hitter last summer.  

Oh yeah… it’ll be good to see you, too, Mum and Dad. 🙂