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Yeesh, while I hope Lugo is OK… I certainly am not cruel enough to will ill will or health to someone, I’m relieved that Lowrie is playing instead of Lugo. Cora will be off the DL, but Lowrie will be around just a bit longer until Lugo checks out OK health-wise.

That doesn’t speak to his horrible fielding skills, though. Good grief.

I’m a little boggled out of my mind that Dice-K is still undefeated. He’s a decent enough pitcher, but he’s not that good. I guess that means he’s also lucky.

Pedroia continues to impress. For what Lugo lacks, Pedroia has for himself and a little to share into the shortstop position.

Back to the game. Won’t fall alseep this time, I swear.



Six win streak and counting

Red Sox: 7, Angels: 6

What an exciting game. Start ahead, fall behind, tie, get ahead, tie, break ahead. I felt like my mind was volleying back and forth like a tennis ball in a court.

– NESN called the play of the day Youk’s homerun. While he tied the game after a four run deficit, I feel like the honors really belong to Ellsbury, closely followed by his partnership with Pedroia. Two homeruns, and the winning score. That’s almost half the Red Sox score.
– Lugo’s hitting is hot. I’m still holding his defensive weakness against him.
– Timlin didn’t really earn the win… no more than Oliver deserved the loss.
– Best facial expression: Weaver’s open-mouthed gape at Youkilis’ homerun.
– Oki wasn’t so hot tonight. I hope that’s a temporary thing.
– Would kinda have liked to see Pedroia holding a catcher’s mitt, just for schitz and giggles.
– Wished my parents’ ginormous plasma HDTV had captioning.
– It’s good to be able to watch a Sox game, though.


Happy Birthday, Tito.

Long games help absentminded fans

Wow. Didn’t think I would be able to still watch the game. Am currently on the Left Coast for business. Came on in time to see Pedroia tag Cabrera.

Exciting moments of the game that I was lucky enough to catch:

– Double-play by Pedroia in the 8th
– Coco and Pedroia in the 8th.
– Lopez almost force Abreu to a face surgery. (damn. I’m not sure I’d be all the calm if I were Abreu.
– Casey saving Lugo of another error with a fantastic base catch and out on Abreu.
– A-Rod striking out (apparently the second of the night!)
– Delcarmen closing, effectively.



– Wow. Coco and Ellsbury on the same line-up. Two of the Sox’s fastest runners and most effective base stealers. Must be quite a show.

Have thoughts about the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry. Will probably post it in time for the next match up later this week.

Lugo… $%*&#$

Two errors in two games. Red Sox, four errors in two games and still counting. Team: The fact that we’re celebrating Youkilis’s error-less streak doesn’t mean you can compensate for lack thereof. And is this how you welcome your ace back??

You folks are too well-paid for this many mistakes. Why else would it be officially tagged as “Error”? Think about it.

Keep sluggin’ in those homeruns. You’re going to need ’em.



Three ef-fing errors by one player in one game. Apparently, we fans are not the only ones looking forward to Lowrie. Tell me why I shouldn’t shut off the radio.

To Toronto’s credit, they are coming strong this year. I believe we’ve overlooked them too long. They just may be the other AL East team to reckon with.

What does it say about what’s preoccupying my mind when each time the broadcaster says “Rod Barajas” I keep hearing “Barack Obama”?

One down

The Sox looked dominant tonight, no doubt about it. But I was rather disappointed about the pitching performance. What I anticipated as a big show down of excellent pitching didn’t happen. The generous reporters are calling Beckett “dominant” “sublime” etc. While Beckett clearly game a superior performance over Sabathia (who really disappointed me), I didn’t think Beckett was as sharp as he could be. I wasn’t expecting the ALDS repeat but I thought he would knock off more strike outs and I thought even he laboured a bit from the fifth inning on. No matter. Tonight is when the batting really starting coming together. This is the best I’ve seen from the team in a long time and am I ever glad. Beckett  definitely inspires excellence from the team, whether intentional or not.


The Gagne dilemma. As being a fan goes, I’m quick to judge and quick to forgive. But I still question Gagne’s value. He allows so many batters onto base. 9th inning and bases loaded, c’mon. Yes, he got himself out of his jam but part of it was bad swinging from Cleveland. Because there were not that many pitches into the strike zone at all.


The Ellsbury Quandary. Ellsbury has been replacing Manny in the last inning lately. The Sox is smart to hang into Ellsbury. He’s got a lot of potential and he has actually been able to realise some of that for the team. He clearly has some rough corners that needs to be polished by gaining experience on the field. But the big question is: where can the Sox put him? Ellsbury is a left fielder, as is Manny, who has proved invaluable since the day he came back from DL. Manny and Ortiz are batting as they are ever able to and have the highest hit counts. The team certainly can’t pull Manny out. Then there’s Coco in center. Whose batting is so-so. But we don’t know how Ellsbury’s batting will compare. Although Ellsbury  was phenomenal in August and September, he’s so freshly novice that there isn’t all that much past performance to show a more fair comparison.


Three Frozen Statues. Watching Lugo, Manny, and Coco watch a fly ball land right between them was something I never ever ever want to see again, especially not in the play-offs. I don’t care how good the offense is. These guys are paid too much and too experienced to commit such a Little League mistake and to start slacking on defense. I will allow that Manny compensated for that in the late game superb catch. It actually looked like a quick pick from the ground when Fox replayed the move. But it counted as a catch and the way he got it was pretty impressive.


It’s good to get a game down. I really was hoping for more of a pitching duel. But, hey, it’s a win and I’ll take it. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the game thoroughly and I was especially relieved for the huge lead at the 9th inning when Cleveland loaded the bases. The Sox is on a roll and so are the fans. Go Sox!!