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It’s not the law that matters.

The news about Bonds flashed across one of the screens at Camden Yards during the game last night, but it barely registered a blip in the radar of anyone in the stadium at all.

I realised this morning that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that some one who went to some law school for three years decided that Bonds was guilty of lying 30 times or in 30 different ways or some variation or another.

The ultimate punishment is the fact that he remains an unsigned free agent today. He wants to continue playing. And no team will sign him on, despite his career statistics. I find Major League Baseball to be quite forgiving. Look at Gagne’s $10million contract. Any Red Sox fan could tell you that was sheer folly. MLB is full of teams, coaches, and general managers willing to take risks for the hope of a resurgence of a star.

But not Barry. That is one guy no one is willing to gamble on.  

That, people, is what I call being judged by a jury of your peers. That is Bonds’ most damning indictment.  



Oh, my, I laughed so hard I cried. I think the Zimmerman jersey is my favourite. Votes? Or other moments of sheer laughter?

You’re killing me, baseball

I slept until noon today… I haven’t done that in years and it’s not from lack of trying because I would love to relive the nostalgic laziness of the college days. Today, it’s baseball that got me here. I have been so tired, so sleep deprivated, so out of wonk with my body clock because the games haven’t started at 8 and ran until way past midnight. I really really wished for a while that I live in a different time zone. 1A EDT would be 10P PDT, a normal bedtime for me.

Why, Baseball, why?!? What is up with the crazy scheduling? You know the games are going to take about 3.5 hours, most likely more on a tough series like the postseason. How are the kids going to watch it? Sports fanship is taught from youth yet, bedtime or not, kids aren’t going to be able to stay up to watch all that. So that makes postseason an adult sport. Probably not the best idea, in my opinion. Lots of missed business and marketing opportunities right there.

I’ll tough it out because it’s the Red Sox playing. But when I watched the bar empty out, literally, on Thursday night when a college football game concluded, leaving a few scattering of the smaller baseball watching contingent, I really couldn’t blame them. Because if it had been the Indians playing the Rockies, I would have already been at home, going to bed.