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It’s called jetlag. It’s almost midnight and not only am I wide awake… my belly keeps willing me to raid my rather sparse and unhealthy pantry.

Link Lists

One of the sorest points for this transition of MLBlogs is losing links and the ability to maneuver them. If you’re still wrangling with them or seething about not being able to work them, try creating new lists. I still can’t edit most of my pre-existing lists and how some can be editted and some can’t is beyond me. I’m pretty much decided to plurge all but one. The creating a new list seems to be fixed so I had to recreate my lists. The new lists, I seem to be able to access again. Fingers crossed.

If anyone has any idea how to do any of the following, advice would be greatly appreciated:
– Order link lists and how they appear on my blog
– Reorder the links within thier respective lists, short or re-doing the whole damn thing
– Access pre-existing link list items where the list shows up under “Manage Link Lists” but comes up blank when you click on it.

Homeward Bound

I’m going back to my folks’ next week. Dad had surgery and is in recovery. While all seems to be well, I’m going to give Mum a hand… and kept a whining invalid off her hands for a bit. Dad even quipped “at least there’s a Red Sox game every day for the next two weeks so I’ll be preoccupied four hours every day.” Yep, Dad, you do that. And I’m going to join you in watching.

Baseball Movies

I’m enjoying my Netflix perks. I suscribed in a spur of the moment when I found myself stuck in bed with a miserable cold several months ago. Now that I can catch up with movies, what are some good baseball movies you baseball fans would recommend?


testing 1-2-3

blows (b.l.o.w.s)

sucks (s.u.c.k.s)

hell (h.e.l.l)

damn (d.a.m.n)

An a few dubious ones:



My statistics

I’ve been a member for how long? 1..2..3..4…. what, 18 days? I’ve produced 28 posts. Dang. That’s rather prolific given that I don’t tend to blog much in my non-baseball blog. The home stretch for the baseball season and a trip home in August has definitely rekindled my own fever pitch.

I’m fast coming to the point where my one-month trial is soon ending. I think my rather productive posting speaks of what my decision would be.

I just realised I’m listed as a “rookie” on the MLBlogs main page. Heh. Wow. Kind of awkward to see my anything listed in a place that would be noticed. Well, newcomers and curious wanderers, welcome, to my humble corner!