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Even though I know little else about baseball outside the Red Sox, I appreciated this commercial. I’ve seen it running for about a week now.



Who the heck wants his autograph?

.. besides the lawyers?

Seriously, Canseco never impressed me all that much.. given his defense, well, let’s just stop here. On the other hand, I can see saying I want his autograph just to say I have it.

Did anyone get the sense, in this article, that he is still trying to grasp on his five-too-long-minutes of fame?

Torre in a nutshell

Joe Torre was featured in this week’s issue of Time Magazine in the “10 Questions” section. For this of you unfamiliar with the magazine, this section pulls 10 questions from the general audience and are posed to the person featured. I rather like this column because the publication has invited a very diverse and sometimes eclectic selection of noteworthy names.

Well, seeing Joe Torre stare back was a bit startling. I’ve see him in person in the Dodgers’ uniform. I’ve gotten so used to seeing him as an exemplification of the “Evil Empire” and the one coach who has thwarted the painful attempts for the Sox to make the AL East title.


I have to say, though, that a lot of that sense of dislike evaporated rather quickly when he changed uniforms and suddenly seemed much more human. That anti-Yankee sentiment also mellowed now that the Red Sox have won their second Championships in less than a decade. (Yes, I kept my expectations low).

I rather liked this article. If anything, I makes me respect him even more (and I *do* respect him and what he has accomplished, even as a Yankess coach).

Stab me in the eye, will ya?

Um, did anyone else see the AT&T commercial featuring Clemens in the middle of the game last night?!? I meant to add that to “Best Sox-Jabbing Moment” in my post-game post. Ouch, ouch. I hear it’s funny (my computer has no sound and the bar didn’t play the game with sound last night) but no matter.

Logically, Clemens is/was a phenomenal pitcher. But from the heart of a dedicated Red Sox fan, I just can’t get myself to like him. Period. Argh. Besides, I don’t like AT&T’s cellular service.