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ah haha

OK, I know pitchers are key to the games. I know pitchers invest a lot and teams therefore invest a lot in pitchers and into their arms to throw 100+ pitches at speeds faster than a majority of us will ever push out cars.

But, seriously, I have to chuckle when I see these two articles gracing the same front page:
Colon put on DL for swinging too hard.
Wang sidelined for running bases.

I mean, c’mon. These guys all had to learn to hit and run as kids to even make it up to the majors. It’s basic range of motion and cardio. It’s athleticism and being in shape. We’re not asking them to hit Ortiz and Drew scopes. Just swing. If you miss, fine.

Oh dear.


Congratulations, Rockies

I’m impressed. CO has been riding high lately. Struggled and barely won the tie-breaker against San Diego. Swept the division series. Swept the NL series. Whichever AL team moves on to the World Series, beware! These guys have both the winning streak and the underdog determination and they are going to be a force to reckon with next week. On top of that, they get a week’s worth of rest. I can’t help being happy for them. Although not at Boston’s expense if we make it to that point. 

It’s not even the Red Sox

I’m wide awake watching the SD-COL game. Holy cow. I rarely watch National League games, even after the Nationals moved to town. Heck, I’m more of a native than they are and I already have the Red Sox to keep me busy.


But this is one exciting game right here… 11 innings and still going. All it takes, really, is a hit to settle the score. How much more can you put on chance? It’s not even a series tie-breaker. Single game. Scary. It’s just as exciting (I dare to say) as watching a Yankees-Red Sox match-up. I find myself cheering for evey strike and every bat-to-ball contact, regardless of which team. How can I not, with a game this suspenseful? The beauty of it is I can watch without the emotional stress since I don’t have any preference.


I wish I can maintain that objectivity where the Red Sox is concerned. My health would be so much better for it.