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Laughing all the way up I-95

while listening into the game against the Rangers… especially during the fourth inning.

Final score: 8-3, Red Sox.

What I loved best about this game was the fact that the Red Sox shows its brilliance not through the big named players but through its depth of experienced, its investment in the farm system, and, finally, its demonstration of a cohesive team.

The commentators kept saying how Nippert was “taking one for the team” and deliberately left hanging out to dry because the Gabbard had an unexpectedly short outing. I didn’t like this implication. The way I see it- if the commentators are right, then it’s poor coaching, leadership, management, and whatever other word you want to insert in there. It’s saying that the team and coach made the conscious decision to call the game a wash and designate Nippert as the scapegoat. That’s poor sportsmanship. That’s poor teamwork.

So I’m going to assume the commentators are dead wrong and doing a poor job of the primary role as a narrator. My next question is: why did Washington leave Nippert out that long? Yes, they lost their starter earlier. So what? Stuff like this happens all the time and they should have, in the process of building their roster, planned for this possibility. The only reasoning I can come up with is that they have exhausted all available relief pitchers in the earlier games of the series, leaving precious few in the right physical condition to carry on. Since I did not follow any of the other games live, I don’t know if it’s true or not.  

Don’t get me wrong. I was cheering every step of the game for the Sox. I just, as a baseball fan, have to sympathize with that it going through the Rangers’ fans’ minds at the moment. It seems to me that they have the right to be frustrated. 


Late-inning recoveries

The exciting thing about late inning rallies are that it’s against a crunch as well as the possibility that it may not happen at all. The problem is the rally may not happen. And we’ve seen that in the games against Toronto.

Lately, though, the Sox has been pulling it off… Against the Indians and now the Rangers. I’ll just do my best to mimic this expression:


Otherwise, weather here has been miserable. I originally intended to attend this. I was a bit disappointed that weather forced a cancellation but relieved that I am excused from traipsing across a soaking wet lawn in summer whites. Instead, we sloshed our way to a local establishment for warm comfort food.