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Manny Who?

That expression is probably going to stick around for a while!

Game 1: Angels 1, Red Sox 4.

I suppose more than anything, this is a confidence builder. A confidence builder for a team whose reaction upon hearing about Beckett’s delayed start was “oh, sh**”. An assurance that while having Beckett would be nice, they have it in themselves to believe in their own skill as well as in their team as a whole.

Or maybe they didn’t want to be the one to muck it up for the pitcher, no matter who it was. And probably least of all for their most solid lefthander, however young he is.

Regardless, this was a win that this fan is grateful for, to kick start the postseason. And a pleasing reminder that our homegrown kids have it in them to pull it off, with or without the star players. Finally, that they are the ones who make watching ball fun.

Oh, by the way, Bay, thank you. 


Featuring: another future pitcher

I am wholy impressed by how the Red Sox had picked out some superb young players. And how those players are being to show their raw talent.

Sure, we’ve got Dice-K with his 7-0 streak. We’ve got Beckett who is still considered one of the strongest pitchers in major league. But the starts this week are the new kids. The guys who broadcasters still call “the next generation of pitchers” as if they haven’t been considered full pitchers yet.

Masterson is one of the newest examples. I remember watching him at Fort Myers during spring training. He didn’t really do well down there. But time and warming up into the minors have treated him well. He gave the Red Sox two impressive starts, rendering his first to a no-decision which was not his fault.

What awes me about Masterson is his sheer physical pressence. Even in a sport of big guys, at 6’6″ he is on the taller end. It’s not the height though. As a rower I am constantly surrounded by guys that tall and sometimes a few even taller. But with gangly limbs like that, the kid is only going to get stronger. I would hate to be on the otherside of his pitch.

Indeed, the Sox has invested in the next generation of players. But I bet even some of them are surprised by how quickly the investments are paying off.  


It’s been over 24 hours. But how can you not like a kid that talks like this?

I can feel Spring Training in the air!

Have you ever really looked to see where your team trains in the spring? Well, that makes you a better fan than I. I know it’s in Florida. Somewhere. Exhibition game is in three and a half weeks. I won’t go, but I’m already carving out time in March to head down south. Hmm. How far of a drive from Miami do you think it is? How many vacation days need I take to make a worthwhile trip out of this?


Thank goodness for the holidays. How else would I have gotten through the offseason, I don’t know. I’m read to kick back up. In the process of cleaning house, I found a clear Red Sox window decal and took my car in for a wash specifically to slap it on the rear window. At the rate I’m going, I might as well get a customised paint/detail job on the entire car and have it done in red. Given my next car is going to be a red Mini with white racing stripes, I’m not too far off as it is.


There is anticipation of a new season that just excites a fan. The hope of the home team continuing a good thing, especially since the team is almost completely intact from last year’s champions. The hurt of the steroids report and accusations.

Finally, it’s the excitement of the young talent cropping up in teams across the country. Will the Rockies be able to come back strong? How will the Indians develop coherence in a statistically very strong roster? ]Who are the new or returning aces and will the remain aces? I feel, more than anything, that last year’s playoffs highlighted that there is a whole new generation of talent who are making a big bang almost immediately. In addition to seeing more of  the likes of Ellsbury, Lester, Buchholz and Pedroia, who will be the new kids following their footsteps?


Indeed, the season is almost upon us.

It’s Awards Week!!

Congratulations, Pedroia, for a very well-deserved Rookie of the Year award! There never was a question that you were the winner, but it was awfully nice to see you prove it beyond doubt in your performance last month.

How can one not chuckle when looking at this picture. Look! At the difference in height between the two!

On the same token, the team teases him with “low five”!


I didn’t forget the already awarded awards:

Youkilis for Golden Glove
– Papi for Silver Slugger
– Seriously, is there a Bronze award coming up?? 


Other stuff:

– Sad news. No agreement reached between Lowell and the Sox. We just may be saying goodbye when the other teams start contacting him.
– Next: Cy Young!!


How wrong I was! I thought Pedroia was overeager with swinging the bat at the play-offs, especially in the ALDS and ALCS. He seemed to be going through a mini-slump of sorts. He wasn’t hitting as well and swinging widely. I attributed it to rookie nerves and inexperience although his performance in the regular season demonstrated that he is capable of patience and control. There may have been some of both, but this offers a better picture as a whole.

A broken bone. Ouch.*****. What a tough guy. Reminds me of some of the ambitious recent college grad employees we see around the office. I can understand Pedroia’s motivation and drive. And a World Series possibility? Yes, he stuck to it and did fantastic. Congrats and hope he gets a the Rookie of the Year. He better. He deserves it.