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My folks now swear by StubHub. They bought four tickets, pretty close to the field, in the field box area. According to my brother, the closer the game is, the more desperate the ticket holders were to get rid of the tickets, so the lower the prices went. Interesting.

What a slugfest today. So much for defence. It’s worrisome when the players seem to be hitting Beckett’s sweet spots. Although Varitek’s catching and throwing to the stolen base attempt was awesome.

Seems that while the team won, Ellsbury got caught in his offensive running, a couple times too many. Well, you can’t be perfect. Sorry to miss the game. But I have a bit of comfort that Boston climbed their way back up to the top of the division. Now, if only they would play better on their away games…

I’m beat. Exhausted. I didn’t even really do that much relative to physical activity.


Considering my options

of how to watch the Red Sox from abroad.

Here’s the list I’ve come up with at this point. Any suggestions welcome:

– Continue the status quo of checking into Boston.com, Redsox.com, and occaisional game casts on espn.com
– Open a MLB.com subscription
– Get slingbox set up and tied to NESN back at my folks’
– Get Japanese cable
– Keep blogging

Ugh. Either way, it’s going to take more work. Sometimes, to the point I have to ask if it’s worth the hassle. I hope so. Because sometimes I feel like fans give so much more than they need to.

Yes, I’m still in a rotton mood about yesterday’s game.

Brother was in Vegas earlier this week. I asked him to put in a bet for me. $20 on the odds that the Cubs with be the National League champions.

Gimme a root canal, please


First, congratulations to the Orioles. This is the first O-Sox game I’ve attended in the six years I’ve been living in the area in which the O’s fans clearly overpower the Sox fans in loudness, tenacity, volume, and sheer pressence. I would, unofficially, estimate that it was almost a 50-50 split of the audience. Or somewhere close. Orange stands out louder and often can be confused with bright red in some lighting situations. Maybe because it was a weekday night game. Maybe because the O’s have experienced a bit of a surge early this season. Who knows. But I am impressed and dutifully humbled.

What a painful game to watch. Primarily because I watched the Sox squander away so many opportunities. And give up so many hits both in pitching and in defensive performance.

I cracked up laughing when I realised that Youkilis was the right fielder. Unbeknowst to those of us at the stadium without access to sources like Extra Bases, Coco was out because of an upset stomach (!?!).

I was kinda entertained by Ortiz’s antics in the ninth, although not so pleased by the O’s fans’ catcalls. I thought Ortiz made the wrong call. But I can relate to his pent up frustration. Heck, those of us sitting behind the homeplate, both Os and Sox fans alike, were constantly furious at the home base umpire by his calls. He had a moving strike zone that no one could identify. Even I had to acknowledge the second ball called when Manny was at bat with bases loaded was a strike. In fact, had Manny sturck out, the Sox might have had one more chance to make something of the opportunity. The only consolation we had was that the umpire was consistently inconsistent.

Aie. Bedtime. Way past, in fact. Hopefully the next game will bring better luck. I’ll be back, sitting in the exact same seat.  

Orioles Park, here I come!

I treated myself to tickets to both Red Sox-Orioles games this week. Field box seating, leaning more towards the visitor team dugout.

Thank goodness the weather cleared up. Thank goodness the temperatures went up a tad. I was ready to put on my waterproof skiing layers I had to resort to that, although if the rain had continued, odds are the game would have been canceled altogether since half of DC was flooded by yesterday.

So what if the Sox is coming out of a lost series. I’m going to watch the Sox play live! This would make a new personal record of watching the Sox play four times in a year. Add in the Nationals game tickets I have for early June, it’s a record three regular season baseball games and two spring training exhibition games. Hey, I’m getting as much in as I can. The opportunity disappears soon.

Here’s to watching Beckett pitch.

By the way, Lowell’s book is now available in bookstores.

A case of just not enough

What a rally tonight.. although just short. Those are the good but difficult games to watch.

My pessimistic Mum is throwing blame left and right and I’ve just reached the point of impatience where it’s not even fun watching with her. On Mother’s Day, of all days.


– I rather liked the pink bats. Quite a charming touch. Gestures like this really endear me even more to MLB.
– The pink armbands, though, eh, jury is still out on that one.
– I’m dying to find a Youtube clip of Dice-K’s out-of-hand wild pitch that landed two feet in front of the mound. It still makes me chuckle. Anyone have any luck?
– Watching moments of brilliance by Crisp reminds me why he’s a Golden Glove and why the Red Sox would want to hang onto him.
– Cora I missed. With the team weak on shortstop players so far, he’s looking quite fresh and superb.’
– I’m not sure I like Tina’s replacement.. Heidi. Seriously…


Sorry, team

I have a confession. I dozed off in the 8th inning. Even with my family’s loud exclamations to punctuate that was going on in the game, I flat out fell asleep in the 8th inning. Just as well. I fell asleep thinking the Red Sox was going to will. How better way to be knocked out?

What can I say? I was dead exhausted. So much so that, for the first time in over fifteen years, I woke up not knowing where I last placed my glasses.

When the game ended, Dad shook me awake ever so gently. But it was the words he spoke into my ear that really roused me. “Go to bed, sweetie. Game’s over. Papelbon blew another save.” So that was what all that commotion that I was vaguely aware of was all about.

*sigh* well, trudge off the bed anyway. The Sox isn’t going to help me catch up on rest.

Let’s go Home!

Ouch. I realise this is spring training, hence the opportunity for the coaches to play all his players and try to figure out the nuances of the teamwork in different configurations. That would easily explain why we watched each position be played by at least three players. But that knowledge didn’t alleviate the pain if watching a 7-run 9th inning by the visitors.

Note: if anyone wishes to go to City of Palms stadium, realise that the visiting team dugout is on the 1st base side.


– Wakefield. Looking as crisp as ever. I am relieved… especially given his heart-breaking sidelining in the post-season.
– Watching Lowe pitch. Horribly, but I hold a soft spot for anyone on the 2004 team (with the exception of Damon).
– Seeing the back of Torre’s head, rather up close.
– Watching a very crisp and solid double play at the top of the first… that could have been a triple play if it was warranted.

It’s not even the season yet, and I already have more to add to Tales of Crazy Sox Fandom

At the top of the 9th, with a solid lead of 5-2, the Dodgers tie with a groan-inducing three-run homer. As the next few batter unfold in excrutiationg slowness, filling up all the bases, the fans started the ever present “Let’s goooo, Red Sox, clap clap clap-clap-clap.” The few but determined Dodgers fans countered quickly with their “Let’s gooo, Dodgers!” during the Red Sox claps. The two choruses went back and forth in perfect rhythm for quite a while, amusing not just the rest of the audience but the baseball players as well.

An exasperated voice finally shouts in his version, voicing the opinion of many: “Let’s go home!!!”


As soon as he said that, Dodger’s Repko hits a home run into the left field, with the game winning grand slam.

Well, that’s not the “home” I would have wanted. But it did resolve that complaint and prevent extra innings.


Tomorrow: Twins. I have landed a home plate box seat. Yippee.